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Experience some of the world’s most celebrated historical sites from ancient civilisations such as Egypt, Greece and Japan with a series of exciting audio tours that give you an exclusive insight into these historic monuments and the peoples that built them.


Forget about a tour guide, leave your guidebook at home and join with us in an audio adventure of the ancient world!

Iconic Guides are easy-to-use, exhaustive and fascinating audio tours of the monuments of the world’s greatest ancient civilisations. Written by a dedicated team of specialist historians, each ‘Iconic Guide’ provides an unprecedented level of detailed information into the cultural, artistic and architectural heritage of these fascinating places. Not only will our guides tell you about the history of these landmark sites, but they give a voice to their ancient founders, helping to explain just how and why such monuments were built – something you won’t get anywhere else.

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(excerpts from ‘The Tomb of Tutankhamun’, ‘Knossos’ and ‘Byodo-in’)

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